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How Much Does It Cost to Plasti Dip Your Car?

42As the phenomenon of coating vehicles with Plasti Dip grows, more and more people are asking what is the average cost of dipping a car. First, an explanation of “dipping” a car with Plasti Dip is in order. Dipping is a term coined by people who coat/paint/wrap their vehicle with a product known as Plasti Dip in its sprayable form. This rubber coating is sprayed on and acts like a second skin on your vehicle. It protects the original finish while offering the user a way to change and enhance the color. With the proper technique the finished result is very aesthetically pleasing. A main attraction of the product is its ability to be removed by peeling. A unique property allows the rubber to strongly bond to the car’s finish and with a certain procedure the coating peels away. Too cool! Many folks are dipping their entire cars themselves.

If you are planning on dipping a car yourself, the cost will be determine by the size of your vehicle, the spray gun you acquire (if you do not already have one), and which type of finish you select. For instance, a standard or matte finish will be more economical than a finish that includes enhanced colors (with or without pearls and metal flakes added), a satin or high gloss finish. Keep in mind, you can select from many types of pearls at varying prices that can be added to the dip. Masking material and masking tape as well as a pre-dip cleaning solution are items that should be factored into the budget.

Here’s a rough guideline for the amount of product required for varying sizes of vehicles:

Sub-Compact — 2 Gallons

Compact — 2-3 Gallons

Mid-Size — 3-4 Gallons

Full-Size — 4 Gallons

SUV/Mini-Van — 4-5 Gallons

Large SUV — 5-6 Gallons

So, if we take a mid-size vehicle and use 3 gallons of the economical basic color sprayable rubber coating at average cost of $60.00 a gallon, the cost of the applied finish is around $180.00. Add the cost of a quality spray gun system ($160) and prepping materials ($20.00-$30.00), you can figure $360- $370 as a ballpark figure to do a basic job. Four gallons used would up the price $60.00 or so. The more product or coats applied to the vehicle, the easier it is to peel.

If you are going to use a premium color, say, Flame Red, it’s going to cost $10-$12 more per gallon. Then, on top of that, whether it’s a basic color or premium color, if you want to add some additional coats with pearls or metal flakes to make your finish pop, you have to figure the cost of the additive and the dip/gloss you’re adding it to. Pearls can range from $10-$35 per 25 grams, depending on the type. The extra gallons for the additive to be used in will add extra expenditure to the project, also. Using high gloss gallons for the mixing may run $80-$90 per gallon. You can use the high gloss without the additive which will give will a result of a high gloss finish, whereas the mixture with pearls will create a satin finish. You can see that the cost of dipping your car can escalate substantially, depending on how elaborate you make your project. If you are a beginner it may be wise to begin with dipping a car with a basic color plan until you’re a more experienced dipper.

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How to Decorate a White Wedding Car and a Black Wedding Car

41Wedding Car Decoration is a fundamental part of preparing for the wedding. All over the world create bridal car decoration in various ways. If you have a black or white car, you should continue reading…

Although many countries around the world still decorate the wedding cars with flowers pasted on the vehicle, there is a new trend of wedding decoration based on polypropylene films using tulle in various colors alone.

Car Decoration is now an integral part of wedding design and receives much attention in the past. Brides and grooms are aware of the importance that a decoration respective vehicle aesthetic design into the canopy, hall, bridal gown etc..

Today the wedding car design statement expressed the photos before the wedding and the bride and groom do in the canopy.
Many weddings produced by professional event producers based on the theme, the color combinations, the fantasy, or even the bride and groom’s clothing.

For example, if the color purple was chosen as a color theme and all the elements event leads are used, it is possible that the car will have a similar color.

Adjust color and composition ornament very important, especially if the car is white or black. In fact, a white car decoration can be made using any color you choose, except white.

Like a painting color on white paper. As a black car will also be able to contain neutral and color combinations than other colored cars.

When customers consult with me about the appropriate color to decorate their wedding vehicle must take into account several parameters:

Type of vehicle (small, family, big, Jeep, limo, luxury vehicles), vehicle size, color and composition.

In the second part of the equation put the personal taste of the bride and groom.

It is not recommend using more than two colors. Ultimately If we try to create a list of decorations colors matching colors recommended by our recommendation following composition:

How to decorate a white car:

• Option A: pink tulle fabric + white and pink pom pon.
• Option B: bright purple tulle fabric + bright white and purple pom pon.
• Option C: cream tulle fabric + gold and cream pom pon (or gold + white pom pon).

You can decorate a white wedding car with white tulle fabric on one condition – if you add a decorative ribbon tied on the tulle fabric.

How to decorate a black car:

• Option A: white tulle fabric + white and cream pom pon.
• Option B: white tulle fabric + bright white and purple pom pon (or white + pink pom pon).
• Option C: cream tulle fabric + cream and white pom pon (or cream and gold pom pon).

In fact, there are a lot of options to decorate white and black wedding cars, and I gave here some examples for understanding the concept.

For more information, you can visit my website. You will see a wide variety of color combinations and you can draw the appropriate ideas for your wedding vehicle.

My name is Yochai Rokach, the creator of “Haponpon – wedding car decorations”. I started my wedding car business 3 years ago, and I’ve become an expert in the wedding car decoration industry.

For the first time ever, I’ve decided to share everything I’ve learned over the time in this business. If you want to learn how to decorate wedding cars, you can purchase my first e-book: “How to decorate wedding car”, which is the only guide in the world. You can also learn from my video tutorials in my website.

I would like to give you 2 FREE bonuses. You will get an access to unique video tutorial which will guide you how to decorate wedding cars, and you can read two chapters from the ebook: “How to decorate wedding car”.

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Why Use Car Wraps Instead Of Paint For Your Car?

40This has been the big question of late and many people are still up in the air about which way to go. There are many things to take into consideration when you want to change the look of your vehicle.

Leased vehicles – Of course you can’t paint your leased vehicle but there are many advantages to wrapping one:

You can change it to any color or style you may want while you are leasing the vehicle so even if you don’t own the car, you can add your style.

You can protect the vehicle from any stone chips, scratches or abrasions that may occur and cost you money when you trade in the vehicle.

Resale value – Your resale value of your car will be greater with the original paint on your car. You can also protect your car from sun damage if you live in an area where that can be a problem. There is nothing more impressive to a perspective buyer if they see your car paint job looking spotless because you had protected it with a car wrap while you owned it.

Cost – If you are considering changing the color of your car, a professional paint job can cost anywhere from $7,000+ to get a professional quality job. You can get a vinyl wrap on your car professionally for anywhere from $2000+! What a great savings and you can choose whatever color and style you wish.

Installation time – If you get a professional paint job, you may have to find alternate transportation for up to two weeks while they paint your car but if you get professional car wraps, all you need is about 2-5 days and you will have your car back.

Countless options – Vinyl wraps can come in so many different designs that you can make your car unique and you can be driving around in a one-of-a-kind vehicle that no one else will have. You can show off your originality and style with the wrap of your choice. Another great option with a wrap is that you can change your style any time you wish. You can change your color or style every year if you want! Many times, it’s very hard to tell the difference between a wrapped car and a painted car.

Easy maintenance – With a car that is wrapped there is never a need for any waxing at all. The least you may have to do is use some soap and water with a microfiber rag and keep your car spotless!

It seems like the easy decision would be to use the countless varieties of wraps they have available for cars that will allow you to bring out your style and protect your vehicle at the same time. Vancouver car wraps is a great place to help you bring out your style and protect your investment for the future.

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Choosing the Right Interior Color and Fabric For Your Car

39When it comes to cars, enthusiasts understand that every detail matters. It’s not good enough to just get a nice paint job and leave it at that. Even the exterior has to have special attention to details such as the rims, fenders, and headlights. Likewise, there must be the same attention to detail paid to the interior. This can mean choosing the right leather that covers the seats or the appropriate headliner and door panels. If you are looking to upgrade to your dream car, choosing a color scheme and fabric are your main steps to consider.

Color scheme is extremely important when it comes to creating a cohesive vision of your car. You don’t want your car to be a combination of colors that don’t match or won’t complement each other. There are two ways that you can approach the task of choosing the color scheme for your car. If you want to match your exterior paint job, choosing light and dark tones of the same color will work well. For example, a navy car can have a darker blue interior with a lighter blue trim.

Others prefer to contrast the color of the exterior with the interior. If you decide to do this make sure you choose a color that works well with your paint job and the rest of your interior. Choosing a striking maroon might only work well if the colors of your dashboard and side panels complement it. However, if you are going for a certain look, it may be beneficial to change those parts of the car as well. Door panels and headliners are both aspects that can drastically transform the appearance of the interior.

Fabric choice is also extremely important when trying to achieve the optimal interior appearance and comfort. There are so many fabrics to choose from, such as leather, suede, and canvas. Leather and suede are the most common choices for a quality interior. These materials will both come in a variety of colors, so there will probably not be much trouble in trying to keep your color scheme. Both suede and leather can also be combined to achieve a luxurious effect for your interior.

Understanding the importance of these steps will help ensure that your car upgrade or restoration goes smoothly. The company you choose for the project may even be able to help you decide which colors or fabrics work best for your vehicle. Also, try to choose a company that will offer you the highest quality materials in a wide variety of colors. Start your car restoration or upgrade today, and soon you’ll be driving the car of your dreams!