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Capital Bikeshare and Helmets

“In terms of distributing helmets on the street or through a machine, Jim Sebastian, one of DDOT bike program planners said last year at the time of the launch, one’s been able to work that out.”

The company Alta oversees Washington’s program. The company also runs a bikeshare in Melbourne, Australia, where, guess what? They have a helmet distribution system.

In the Melbourne plan, introduced last October, cheap bike helmets can be purchased from vending machines or retail shops for $5 Australian. Bike share riders can keep them, or make a return to select 7 Eleven convenience stores, for a $3 Australian refund. The helmets actually cost $13, but the government eats the extra cheap jerseys cost.

Back at the 7 Eleven, helmets are disinfected, straightened up, and then resold.

In Melbourne, local law makes it mandatory to wear a helmet. According to Aussie newspaper the Age, bikesharing trips wallowed in its first month, before the cheap helmet program was introduced. After that, the city recorded almost ten times as many monthly rides.

Would the plan work here? Some argue that part of the success of the Capital Bikeshare program is that it gives participants the ability to hop on two wheels and go, on a whim and without prior planning. Making helmets mandatory could really take the spontaneity out of the system.

But, wearing a helmet is undeniably a good thing for rider’s heads a New England Journal of Medicine study says that wearing bicycle helmets causes an 85 percent reduction to the risk of brain injury.

For the programs 10,000 members that ride in a city that averages 265 bicycle accidents a year, greater availability of helmets might not be a bad idea.

Cape Town vs Johannesburg vs the world

Cape Town It common knowledge that booking with Airbnb will give you a better deal than any other hotel or B option or is it?

In South Africa, Airbnb has become a very popular platform for travellers to book accommodation from a selection of sources, including home sharing, home rentals, hotels and Bed Breakfasts.

We compared Airbnb prices to typical hotel and B prices in two of SA major cities, to see what the best bets in different areas are:Airbnb in is cheap, very cheap. You can rent an entire apartment or cheap jerseys house for under R600 a night, in a very larney suburb like Linden, Parkhurst or Bryanston.

Hotel prices in Joburg are also relatively cheap, when compared to what people pay for a night stay in a hotel in other African countries.

SEE: SA hotel prices low in comparison to other African hubs

But comparatively, according to 2015 data produced by hospitality research firm STR Global, the average rate for a hotel room in the first six months of this year in amounts to around R967 per night, which is double that of what you can pay for a room in a modern, refurbished house on Airbnb.

In Joburg, travellers would be foolish not booking with Airbnb.

Having said that though, Airbnb cannot offer guests a room serviced, hotel experience. So, if you after the wining and dining you find in a hotel or B you should cough up the cash and check in.

4Tress on Morris Shared HomeRandburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Large secure house, situated in leafy suburb, with night life and restaurants. Close to Parkhurst, Sandton and Guatrain Station. The bed has Egyptian cotton sheets and the bathroom is private. It is within walking distance to a variety of restaurants a.

Cape Town

Cape Town Airbnb offering is one of the biggest in SA, but because the demand is so big in the Mother City, the housing options are still relatively expensive.

You struggle to find a good spot for under R1 200 a night, for an entire apartment or house. But because the price range is so vast, there are plenty of great bargains in Cape Town too you don have to pay big money to have a value for money stay.

Compared to hotel prices in the rest of Africa, Cape Town hotel prices are also relatively cheap. Mother City guests would pay around R1 448 per night for a hotel stay, according to a 2015 survey.

So, depending on what travellers are after, both Airbnb and hotels or B can offer different services and perks for about the same price.

Some home owners in more exclusive areas like Clifton, Camps Bay and Llandudno, however, have the power to offer guests incredible views for much less that they pay for a night in an exclusive hotel in the area, like Twelve Apostles, for example.

It is in these exclusive suburbs where Airbnb may trump hotels and B in terms of value for money.

Tropical poolside studio paradiseCape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

An attractive poolside studio apartment in tropical garden setting with large pool and glorious sea views. Newly renovated. Offers best location in wind protected and safe Glen area, walking dista.

Seasonality also plays a major role in what Airbnb hosts, hotels and B charge.

Airbnb sends hosts alerts to let them know that demand has decreased, and then hosts can choose to adapt their costs.

For hotels and B however, it not that easy. They have high overhead costs that remain the same throughout the year, and should be met come rain or shine.

In August last year, managing director of the Bristol Hotel in Paris, Didier le Calvez expressed hotels’ sentiment towards the new accommodation platform when he denounced Airbnb as a “menace that enjoys an unfair advantage”.

The main complaint was because Airbnb hosts did not have to pay the same taxes as hotels, but provided the same services, essentially.